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Rainfall 26 Aug

Rainfall totals for today, August 26, 2021 may be inaccurate as they are showing forecasted rainfall instead of the total recorded today. This should be resolved tomorrow, August 27. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For more information contact us at

New Forecast Data Source

Enviroweather has switched the National Weather Service forecast data used in all of our websites. We've transitioned from older station-based forecasts (GFS MOS) to use more detailed and precise gridded data from the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD). Most users will not notice any differences, except that rainfall forecasts are now estimates of the amount of rainfall expected, whereas formerly rainfall forecasts were given as percent chance of precipitation. As always please contact us if you have questions.

Keith Mason - Enviroweather Coordinator 517 432-6520.

Communication Issues 6-14-21

Due to server problems multiple stations on our network are not communicating. Updates will be provided when available.

Click here for the link to our new website.

Use the link below to view Enviroweather's Test Website.

Click here for the link to our new website

Use the link below to view Enviroweather's Test Website. You'll be glad you did.

New Website Update

Due to current circumstances, the release of the new version of the Enviroweather website has been delayed indefinitely. Please check back for updates. Thanks for your understanding, and stay safe and stay well.

Please contact Keith Mason at or 517 432-6520 if you have any questions.

New Website Release Update

The release of the test version of the new Enviroweather website has been delayed. Due to additional testing of the new platform, we are now planning for a release on April 15. Thanks for your patience. Please contact Keith Mason at or 517 432-6520 if you have any questions.

Technical difficulties

The Enviroweather website has been experiencing technical difficulties beginning in the early morning of 7/12/2019. We are trying to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

Intermittent technical problems

The Enviroweather website has been experiencing technical difficulties beginning in the early morning of 7/12/2019. We are trying to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes.


Enviroweather welcomes new project coordinator

The Enviroweather project team is happy to announce the hiring of Dr. Keith Mason as Enviroweather Project Coordinator beginning September 4th, 2018. Keith succeeds Beth Bishop, who retired recently after serving in this role since 2007.

Keith's professional experience and research interests are rooted in the study of insect behavior and ecology, and incorporating those principles into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, particularly in how environmental factors can interact to determine the phenology and infestation risk of pest organisms. Keith recently completed a Ph.D. degree in Entomology at Michigan State University on the mating biology, chemical ecology and population dynamics of the grape berry moth, Paralobesia viteana, in Michigan juice and wine grape vineyards.

Keith comes to Enviroweather with almost twenty years of experience as a research assistant in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University during which he coordinated several multi-state, on-farm research/extension projects in grapes and blueberries. This work was designed to help growers learn how to best incorporate reduced-risk pesticides into their management plans. In addition to his work in IPM, he also managed a nationwide pollination project that identified and tested the feasibility of using wild and managed bees to pollinate a range of specialty crops on commercial farms. Keith has extensive experience working with and learning from growers and hopes to continue this interaction in his role with Enviroweather.

Prior to his arrival at Michigan State, Keith completed a master’s degree at Florida State University where he studied the behavioral ecology and physiology of multiple species of ants. When not out chasing insects, he enjoys gardening, playing guitar, reading, spending time with his family or just taking a good old-fashioned walk in the woods. Keith can be reached at

Enviroweather seeks applicants for coordinator position

Enviroweather is seeking an individual to help manage and lead the program as coordinator.  For details on the postion and instructions on how to apply, please visit

Lapeer EW Station Move

The Lapeer Enviroweather station was removed from its location on Dec 20 and was upgraded.  On January 20 it was moved to a  new location approximately 5 miles southwest of the original site. Because the ground is still frozen, the soil temperature and moisture sensors were not positioned.  We hope to have those installed and the data available as soon as the ground thaws. 

We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you have questions or concerns, you can contact us at: or (517) 355-8128

Petersburg Station to be decommissioned on Feb 15, 2017

The Petersburg Enviroweather station was replaced in 2017 by a new station in Deerfield.  To ensure continuity in data during the growing season, the Petersburg station continued to collect data throughout 2016.  It will cease collecting data on Feb 15, 2017.  However, as with all decommissioned stations, previously collected data will continue to be available

Home page back online

At about 10:30 AM, I introoduced an error to the home page of Enviroweather (with the map).  The error is corrected at about noon, and the page is back up.  Our apologies for the unexpected inconvenience.

Two new Enviroweather stations added to network

Two new Michigan locations now have Enviroweather stations. The new Allegan station ( was installed April 1 and is hosted at Badger Evergreen Nursery and was made possible by donations from”: Badger Evergreen Nursery, Peterson’s Riverview Nursery, Armintrout’s West Michigan Nursery and Green Valley Agricultural, Inc.  

The new Haslett Enviroweather station ( replaces the Bath station, previously located at the now defunct MSU Muck Soils Research Farm. The Haslett station is hosted at Clearview Orchards and was installed in early April. Historical data collected by the Bath station is still available on the Enviroweather website.

Thanks to our friends and supporters for their efforts to help us add-to and improve Enviroweather station coverage within Michigan

Cold, snowy weather drains station batteries

The sudden arrival of winter weather has wreaked havoc on the batteries powering the Enviro-weather stations.  Cold weather drains the batteries, and snow accumulating on the solar panels prevents recharging of batteries.  Station supporters, hosts and MSUE personnel near Enviro-weather stations can help by visiting stations regularly, especially after a snowfall, and gently brushing off the solar panel with a snow brush.  The sun, when it peaks out, can then do its job keeping the battery charged.

Thanks everyone for their support!

New Enviro-weather Station: Standale/Walker

Enviro-weather's 80th automated weather station is now online.  The station at Standale/Walker is hosted by Englesma Orchards.  This station was made possible by private donors.  Enviro-weather thanks the following donors for their support:  

  • Crop Production Services
  • J. Englesma Orchard
  • Valent U.S.A.
  • BASF Corporation
  • Wells Orchards
  • Moelker Orchards
  • Dow Agrofresh

Bath Weather Station to be moved. Live updates disabled

The Enviro-weather station at the former MSU Muck Farm in Bath, MI will be disabled tonight, November, 4, 2014 at midnight.  The MSU Muck Soils Research Station was sold a couple years ago.  To ensure quality data and access to the station for maintenance, this station will be moved to a different, nearby location.  In preparation for the move the live updates will be disabled tonight.  However, weather data collected by this station will remain in the Enviro-weather database and users will be able to access it for historical purposes.  The weather station will be refurbished with updated components before being installed in the new location.  Stay tuned for more information. 

Station Updating Delayed Due to Time Change

Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight.  Daylight savings time ends and Standard time starts Nov 2, 2014 at 2:00 am.  To avoid erroneous data, this time change means that our team must take the stations offline, adjust the time in the database, and then put the station back online.  Most stations will be back online by Sunday.  All stations will be back online by Monday.  No data is lost in this process; there is just a delay in transferring it to the central server.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Enjoy your extra hour of sleep.

Scheduled maintenace may cause log-in problems Oct 30 at 4 pm

Due to scheduled maintenance, users MAY be unable to log in to Enviro-weather on Oct 30 at 4 pm.  Any problems will be resolved quickly.   We apologize for any inconvenience,

New Tools on Enviro-weather

Two new crop-specific tools have been added to Enviro-weather in the past few months. 

The Asparagus Miner scouting guidance tool shows expected abundance of different stages of asparagus miner both to date forecasted (one week).  The model was developed by Dr. Rob Morrison and Dr. Zsofia Szendrei, MSU Department of Entomology. 

The Blueberry Gall Wasp tool gives predicted emergence of adult wasps.  It was developed by Dr. Rufus Isaacs of the MSU Department of Entomology. 

New Station in Dowagiac, MI

Thanks to the efforts of and financial contributions by Bartley Farms and Wilbur Ellis, Enviro-weather has added a new weather station to its network. The new station in Dowagiac, MI helps to fill a geographical gap in station coverage and brings the total number of stations to 79 (73 in Michigan and 6 in Wisconsin's Door Peninsula).

Station updates

Several people have notified us that stations are not updated today, 12/12/2013.  This was caused by an automated software update and reboot.  We are working on the problem and expect update to begin this afternoon.

Frost Alarm Early Bird Special

With freezing temperatures predicted overnight in much of Michigan, are growers faced with a long, sleepless night of watching the weather conditions?  Enviro-weather provides an alternative with its Frost Alarm.  Available for a fee of $50, the Frost Alarm will send you a text and/or email message anytime weather conditions at chosen Enviro-weather stations meet criteria that you specify

To purchase a Frost Alarm subscription, go to:,   Click on the highlighted $50 and then click on "Enviro-weather Frost Alarm" you will be taken to the payment page.  After you submit your email and payment information, you will be prompted to set up a login and password.  You will then be able to select Enviro-weather stations and conditions to be notified for.

New Enviro-weather station in Flint, MI

Thanks to funding provided by the Ruth Mott Foundation, our newest Enviro-weather station is now online.

New Enviro-weather Station near Newberry

The newest Enviro-weather Station in McMillan, Michigan is now online.  This station was made possible by funds obtained by the Michigan Potato Industry Commission.  Many thianks go to Walther's Seed Farm for hosting this new station and to Chris Long, MSU Potato Specialist for his help in making this possible.  This station will provide weather data from the Eastern Upper Peninsula to the Enviro-weather database and helps fill a critical geographic "hole" in station coverage. 

New Enviro-weather Station at Kinde, MI

Thanks to funds provided by Michigan Sugar, our newest Enviro-weather Station is now online.  The station is located near Kinde, MI and is hosted at the Meade Piling Ground. It  joins the Verona station as a newly installed (2012)  thumb area weather station.  It is now collecting weather data that can be accessed online.  Please remember, don't use any Enviro-weather tools that require an accumulation of weather data from the start of the season (for example, insect and disease predictive models) with newly installed stations.

New Enviro-weather Station at Verona, MI

Thanks to funds provided by Michigan Sugar, our newest Enviro-weather Station is now online.  The station is located near Verona, MI and is hosted at the Verona Piling Ground.  This station is now collecting weather data that can be accessed online.  Please remember, don't use any newly installed stations for Enviro-weather tools that require an accumulation of weather data from the start of the season (for example, insect and disease predictive models).

Three new Enviro-weather Stations online

We are proud to announce that the Michigan Enviro-weather station network has expanded to 67.  Thanks to funding obtained by the Michigan Potato Industry Commission, Enviro-weather has added stations in Mecosta (hosted at Sacket Potato), Kalkaska (hosted at Iott Seed Farm) and Gaylord (hosted by Estelle Farms).  These new stations will fill some geographical "holes" in weather station coverage, and we are grateful to the station hosts and to the MPIC and MSU Potato Specialist Chris Long for their efforts in obtaining funding for these stations.

Frost Alarm--Early Bird Special!

Get notified of potentially freezing conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sign up by Feb 15, 2012 for only $40.

If you'd like to receive advanced warning of potential frost-freezes, Enviro-weather's new Frost Alarm may be just what you are looking for.  This new, premium service is available by subscription.  For $50 per year, you can monitor weather at one or more Enviro-weather stations and choose the exact weather conditions you wish to be notified for.  If the selected station(s) records weather data meeting specified conditions, an alarm is generated and you are notified by text message, and/or email.

For each station chosen, users can select a combination of temperature, dew point, wind speed and temperature drop

Users can combine as many weather conditions (temperature, temperature drop, wind speed and dew point) as they wish for an alarm.  For example, users can choose to be notified if the temperature is less than 35F AND the dew point is less than 32F.  In that case an alarm would be generated if the temperature was 34F and the dew point was 29F.  But it would not be generated if the temperature was 34F and the dew point was 33F.

Users can also create multiple "situations" (unique combination of conditions) for a station.  Each "situation" will generate a separate alarm when conditions are met.  Users can choose to monitor conditions at as many stations as they wish .

The frost alarm service is available now.  If you sign up before February 15, 2012 the price is only $40.  To sign up, go to and click on "$40".   Then select "Enviroweather Frost alarm" in the upper right of the next page.

For more information, go to  Please contact me, Beth Bishop, at, or (517) 432-6520 with your questions, comments and suggestions.


March 8: Solar Activity may Interupt Communications with Weather Stations.

Temporary interruption of communications with Enviro-weather stations may occur today, March 8, 2012,  due to solar activity. If this occurs, communications will return to normal over the next 24 hours. 

Thank You to our newest supporters!

A big THANK YOU to the following people and organizations for their generous support of Enviro-weather.  We could not do it without you! 

Chris Alpers and Dave Alpers, Alpers Orchards and Redpath Orchards, for their support of the East Leland Station

O'Brien's Riverside Blueberries

The Michigan State Horticultural Society for their support of the FRUIT page

Michigan Turfgrass Association and  MSU Turfgrass Science for their support of the Hancock Turfgrass Research Station weather station. 

These supporters help make Enviro-weather available to  Michigan Agriculture.  Thank You!. 

Frost Alarm Debuts March 15

Enviro-weather is offering a Frost Alarm service this spring.  The Frost Alarm will alert users via phone, email, and/or text message if specific weather conditions are met at selected Enviro-weather stations. Notifications are made each hour, 24 hrs a day, seven days a week.   For example, a user in East Lansing can choose to be notified by phone and text message if the weather station at the MSU Hort Farm registers a temperature below 34 degrees with a wind speed of less than 5 mph and if the station at the MSU Turf Farm registers a temperature below 35 degrees.  Users can choose to be notified for any number of stations and any combination of conditions. 

The Frost Alarm is available by subscription for  $100 per year.  Users can sign up beginning March 1 and the service begins March 15.  Contact  me at for more information. 

THANK YOU to our most recent donors!

  • Mr. Rob Long, Long's Orchard and Farm
  • Dr. Mary Hausbeck, Plant Pathology, MSU

Because of the financial challenges faced by the state of Michigan and the rest of the nation, Enviro-weather no longer has sufficient funds to operate. We depend on our users and other supporters to help fill the gap with donations. If you or your group is interested in supporting Enviro-weather (and being acknowledged for your contribution on the Enviro-weather website), please contact us ( for details.

Frost Alarm

Enviro-weather will be offering a new service this spring, a Frost Alarm. This service will allow users to be notified when certain weather conditions are met. Users will choose nearby weather stations and the exact combination of temperature, dewpoint and windspeed they would like to be notified for. Notification is by phone call, email and/or text message and will occur 24 hrs a day/7 days per week. There is a small fee ($100 per year) for this service. Please contact us ( if you would like more information on the Frost Alarm.

New Tools

You may have also noticed several new commodity-specific tools on Enviro-weather. During the past several months we have added insect predictive models for several pests of vegetable and nursery/landscape crops. For example, you will be able to predict when cabbage maggot flies are laying eggs or when cooley spruce gall adelgid is active. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for these tools, please let us know (

New Look

If you logged on to the Enviro-weather website recently, you may have seen a new look! Website navigation and function remains mostly the same, but the design and appearance have changed slightly to better reflect Enviro-weather's MSU identity. There are a few new features that we hope you will find useful. One is the ability to turn the magnifier on or off on the home page. The magnifier allows users to see more detail in areas where stations are close together. The default status is 'off'. If you wish to turn it on, please click on the check box in the upper left of the map of Michigan, just above the northwest corner of the Upper Peninsula. We hope you like the new site. Please send us your comments (

Website design updated

Enviro-weather's website was updated today to better reflect our MSU identity. Please notify us if you encounter any problems.

Fruit Disease Summaries

The Multi-crop disease summary tools on Enviro-weather (Weather and Disease Summary for Station, History of Wetting Events for Station and Regional Disease Summary) are now available on the Fruit page in their own folder (Multi-crop Disease Summaries). This will make them easier for users to find. After this growing season, they will no longer be listed in the individual crop folders.

Insect Migration Forecast Link Updated

The link to the insect migration forecast on Enviro-weather ( has been updated. Previously provided by Northern Illinois University, the forecast has moved to This forecast predicts areas at low, medium and high risk for movement of migratory insects from the south based on weather conditions. Used primarily to predict corn earworm migration, it should also work for other migratory insects, since the conditions that facilitate movement are identical.

The link to the insect migration forecast can be found on the Enviro-weather vegetable page under snap beans, sweet corn, and potatoes and on the field corn page under alfalfa and corn.

Tools using forecast data restored

Tools using forecast data (including Temperature and Rainfall Summary) are restored using a limited time horizon (currently 3 days instead of 7). This will be more permanently fixed during the week of 6/21/10.

Temperature and Rainfall Summary Temporarily down

The Temperature and Rainfall Summary Table is temporarily unavailable. We are working on getting it working again as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Changes to Fireblight Interactive Predictor

We've changed the Enviro-weather Fire Blight Interactive Predictor to better alert users to potential blossom blight conditions. The original Maryblyt model, on which the Enviro-weather version is based, specified that sufficient moisture for blossom infections could be provided by rainfall and also by dew or water from a spray application, provided other conditions were met. Until now, the Enviro-weather tool used rainfall, but not leaf wetness, as an indicator of moisture.

The newest update includes a column showing the number of hours each day with leaf wetness. A wet hour is defined as any hour with at least 15 minutes of wetness, as measured by the leaf wetness grid sensor at the Enviro-weather station. In any day with at least 1 hour of leaf wetness (LW), but no measurable precipitation, the W (wetness) cell for that day is highlighted in blue and the - symbol is changed to (-). This display alerts the user that sufficient moisture may be present to initiate an infection if the other conditions are also conducive. The user can then click on the 'Change Weather or Management Information' button and enter the wetting condition information to incorporate them into infection calculations. Users must decide whether to do this or not. It is not automatic.

This new version makes the Enviro-weather Fire Blight Interactive Predictor closer to the original Maryblyt and thus more useful in judging borderline situations for blossom infection.

Enviro-weather Launches New Web Site

After nearly a year of consultation, planning and work, Enviro-weather launched a new web site on Friday, January 15, 2010. The new site features improved navigation a new look and new capabilities. Everything is still there and the web address is still the same ( We hope you like the new look. If you have comments or questions, please let us know at or (517) 432-6520.

Please welcome Beth Bishop, new Enviroweather Coordinator

The Enviroweather project solicited interest from current MSU staff, who may be interested in our open Enviroweather Coordinator position. We obtained a number of queries, and the Enviroweather staff interviewed two strong candidates.

I am pleased to announce that Beth Bishop, Department of Entomology, will be joining the project as Enviroweather Coordinator. She will begin half-time on Sept. 2 and full-time the first of the new year, allowing Beth to transition from her current role in the department. Beth's background is in entomology and vegetable systems, she also has a strong background in extension education. Beth also has been active in weather-based IPM research and currently has a project that involves Enviroweather.

Please join the Enviroweather staff in welcoming Beth; she can be contacted at Many thanks to all supporting the project and making suggestions on the position.

New station in Leslie in parnership with the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

A station near Leslie, in Ingham County, has been added to the network. The station is located at the LaVern Eldred Farm and will be used for bioenergy research.

New station in Charlotte in parnership with the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

A station near Charlotte, in Eaton County, has been added to the network. The station is located at Windswept Farms and will be used for bioenergy research.

The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center supports new Enviro-weather stations

Five new Enviro-weather stations will be added to the network in support of research on prairie and perennial grass ecosystems by the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center. The weather data from these stations will be of benefit in studying cellulose yield in these emerging farming systems. New stations will be located in Barry, Cass, Eaton, Ingham, and Kalamazoo Counties.

Enviro-weather in the news

Mike Brewer was interviewed on WILX local news on 7/11/2008 about Enviro-weather helping farmers keep production costs

David N. Goodman (The Associated Press) wrote a story about farmers' use of weather stations, focusing on Enviro-weather, the Enviro-weather cooperators at Westview Orchards, and Washington State's AgWeatherNet. Key news outlets carried the story such as the New York Times,, The Washington Post, Forbes, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, the International Herald Tribune, and the Baltimore Sun.

Enviro-weather in Detroit Free Press

Mike Wendland, Detroit Free Press technology columnist recently wrote about Enviro-weather's use of cellphone technology to speed delivery of information to our users.

New model on Enviro-weather: Sooty blotch and flyspeck disease

Apple and pear producers have a new indicator for disease on Enviro-weather. This report uses MAWN/Enviro-weather stations to tally long periods of wetness and the potential for these fungal diseases. A fungicide wash-off approximation is also included.

Read more about the model in the Fruit CAT Alert. We thank the fruit workgroup for working on this model with us.

Weather station status

The station at Hudson is online. Several stations in NW Michigan have been converted to hourly update cycles.

New weather station in Coldwater

A new station in Coldwater was made possible with the help of many donors in the Coldwater area. Thank you to all Enviro-weather supporters, including Roberta Osborne, County Extension Director, who led the fundraising effort, and the Bloom family, who are hosting the station. We are looking forward to developing more applications to meet the needs of local users with the help of MSUE personnel Bruce MacKellar and Lyndon Kelley and other interested parties.

New weather station in Keeler

Thanks to a generous donation from Kevin Winkel of Winkel Orchards, a new station has been established at Keeler. It is just a few miles from our station at Hartford, and we anticipate these stations will be useful in understanding the critial role of microclimates in Michigan.

Weather station status

The station at Hudson is offline until technical issues are resolved. Contact for further details.

New weather station at Romeo

A new station has been added to the Michigan Automated Weather Network at Westview Orchards in Romeo, Michigan. This station is located at a farm market and orchard; it will be useful in educational efforts of the farm as well as to producers and homeowners in the area.

Several newspaper articles covered the installation of the station:

Thank you to Westview Orchards and Bob Tritten (MSUE) for their support of MAWN/Enviro-weather.

Fundraising success in Branch County recognized in MSU Spotlight

Roberta Osborne, Branch County Extension Director, worked with Steve Marquie, Mark Trent, Bruce MacKellar, Lyndon Kelley, and Jeff Andresen to demonstrate MAWN/Enviro-weather technology and raise the funds for a new station to be located in Branch County. Please read the article in the MSUE Spotlight.

New station in Berrien County

Enviro-weather users in Berrien County now have access to weather information from a new weather station located near Berrien Springs on the Bob Pagel Vineyard. Thanks to National Grape for financial support and the hard work of the MAWN/Enviro-weather staff, the new station has been added to the Michigan Automated Weather Network and the Enviro-weather information website.

Enviro-weather provides latest weather observations at Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station Field Stations

The Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station's website now displays recent weather observations at nearby MAWN/Enviro-weather stations for:

These weather stations are some of the oldest in our network; we thank the MAES and station cooperators for their support in building the network over the years.

Weather station at the MSU Kellogg Biological Station added to the MAWN/Enviroweather system

Thanks to the hard work of Jim Brown and Steve Marquie with the MAWN/Enviro-weather staff, Sven Bohm at the MSU Kellogg Biological Station (MSUKBS) and Sara Stuby, Southwest Regional Director for MSU Extension, another weather station has been added to the Michigan Automated Weather Network at MSUKBS near Hickory Corners, Michigan. The station is named "Hickory Corners (Kellogg Biological Station)" on the Enviro-weather website. This station, incorporated into Enviro-weather's available stations, will provide users timely weather data and valuable model results for Southern Barry, Northeast Kalamazoo, and Northwest Calhoun Counties. Because of incompatibility issues this station will not be able provide wind data at this time and therefore cannot provide potential evapotranspiration.

New weather station at Arlene added to MAWN

Thanks to the hard work of cooperators in the northern Lower Peninsula and MAWN/Enviro-weather staff, a new station has been added to the Michigan Automated Weather Network at Dutchman Tree Farms in Arlene, Michigan. This station, incorporated into Enviro-weather's available stations, will provide growers, foresters, and homeowners in Cadillac and Wexford Counties with timely weather data and valuable model results.

Station data updates moved to winter schedule

Due to the decreased solar power available in the winter, several stations have moved to the winter update schedule. The data will be retrieved every three hours, rather than every hour, until the growing season begins.

Quick weather data access provided on Enviro-weather home page

Rolling over a weather station location on the map on the Enviro-weather home page gives the most recent weather data at the station.

New tutorial gives an introduction and how-to

A short video clip, 'Getting Started with Enviro-weather' (unavailable - refers to 2007 version of site), created by Steve Marquie and Mark Trent, showcases some of the features of the Enviro-weather site.

First Enviro-Weather Report

The Enviro-weather staff is excited about the activities and accomplishments of the project during its first year. One indicator of grower and other public use of the system is a 100 % increase in daily visits to both the Enviro-weather website and a partner website (GDDTracker) over the past 12 months. Continued growth of the physical components of the system will be pursued to provide more complete spatial coverage of environmental monitoring across the across the state (we are planning a major expansion with a new DNR partnership). Continuing development of products will remain a fundamental and integral objective of the system in responding to Michigan's dynamic agriculture and natural resource systems (the commodity pages and workgroup are the foundation to this effort).

  • Michigan State University Extension
  • Michigan State University Ag Bio Research
  • Project GREEEN